Stage Studio - english

Initiation into studio photography - 2016

This one-day workshop will initiate you into shooting techniques for studio photography. You will have the opportunity to use a wide variety of studio gear and you will be teached how to make the best use of it. A large part of the time will be devoted to taking top quality pictures. Only five people are admitted per workshop session for optimal working conditions.


Please look at the French version of this section to get the latest information about the forthcoming dates of this workwhop.

Place & Venue

Our workshops are taking place in the premises of the Maison de la Laïcité in Ottiginies-Louvain-la-Neuve (see Contact for the details) in a spacious room of about 100 square meters. The workshop leader is an experimented trainer. Attendees will have the opportunity to use a wide variety of professional quality equipment.

A free parking lot is available beside the premises, that are easily accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


In order to maximize the comfort for all attendees, only five people are accepted per workshop session. Registration is made by filling this form. Confirmation of receipt is notified by email for any registration. You registration will become effective only after full paiement of the contribution to the costs.

Contribution to the costs

Contribution to the costs is € 100 per attendee, to be paid by money transfer on the bank account BE 36 0017 3497 9281 with the communication "workshop + date + your name". Free access to drinks is included.

Content of the workshop

The exact timing of the workhop is subject to changes depending on the scheduled date. Generally speaking, it is organized on a full day basis :

Morning (~2 hours)
  • Basic principles of studio photography
  • General use of the lighting gear
  • Explainations about light quality
  • Posing and models
Lunch break (~1 hour)
Afternoon (~3 hours)
  • One-source lighting and reflectors
  • Two-sources lighting and backgrounds
  • Multiple sources lighting and typical lighting setups
  • Special techniques (gobos, gels, ...)

Required gear

Attendees are expected to bring their own reflex camera. The recommended lens is a zoom that cover at least partially the 50-120 mm focal range (the maximal aperture of the lens does not matter). A fixed lens in the 50-100 mm focal range is another option, but a zoom is more versatile and is to be preferred if possible. Do not forget to bring paper and pencils for taking notes. Mind bringing the battery charger with you (or a fully charged spare battery if you have one).

What trainees say about it

  • "Many thanks for today's workshop ! I got a lot of first-hand information. Perfect timing, wonderful organization and very clear explanations. In short, excellent." (Gregory)
  • "Many thanks again for this quality workshop. It was a really enriching and pleasant day." (Julie)
  • "Thanks for yesterday' workshop and its quality. I can imagine how much time you devoted to its preparation ! On my side, it encourages me to read again my books about photography and to use even more my camera !" (Bernard)
  • "I was very happy to attend this workshop. Many thanks to you for this experience. The welcome was warm and the explainations were very clear." (Marleen)